My Nostalgic Taste of Childhood series

If you could change, anything that happened to you in life… Something that changed your destiny, your personality, If you could recreate it in a room\ and you could open the room’s door at anytime you wanted, sit, and watch\ or maybe replay what happened\or change it… Yes, let’s change it: Come with me and open the door\ let us go back to our inner-self where our true being lays\ or got lost\ or even hidden\ You, or me who’s there, when we are not there And him who’s not there, when we are there. And this time when you meet again, point the gun towards his forehead and shoot. Bang! Everything split up like hailstones falling on the ground. Or, this time instead of shooting, just open the door and leave… Anyways! This time like you really making a movie, take control of your life\ Maybe it would be better to look at the picture clearly\ and even look at some parts more Repeating\ and this repeating… Maybe if you were someone else\ If you became somebody else\ Yourself or himself

 اگر مى تونستى هر اتفاقى رو كه در زندگيت افتاده … اتفاقاتی كه سرنوشتت، زندگيت، و تورو عوض كرده در فضاى يك اتاق بازسازى كنى/و هر بار كه خواستى در اتاق رو باز كنى و بنشينى و تماشا كنى/ يا نه دوباره بازيش كنى/ ويا حتى عوضش كنى…

آره، اين بار عوضش كنيم:

همراه من در اتاق رو باز كن/با هم برگرديم به بخشى از ما كه در اعماقِ وجودمون تهنشين شده

/يا گم شده؟ و حتى پنهان شده/

تو، و يا منى كه هست وقتى نيستيم

و نيست وقتى هستيم.

اين بار بعد از ورود  وسط  پيشونيش رو  نشونه گيرى كن و بوم! همه چى متلاشى ميشه و مثل دونه هاى تگرگ مي ريزه كف زمين. يا نه، اين باربه جاى پرتاب, در رو باز كن و بيرون برو …

به هر حال!

حالا مثل يك فيلم واقعى كنترل زندگيت رو تو دستت بگير/ شايد بهتره تصوير رو  عقب بزنى و دقیقتر لحظه ها شو نگاه كنى/حتی بعضى جا ها رو خيلى بيشتر

با تكرار/و اين تكرار..

 اما شايد اگر كَس ديگه اى بودى/ اگر كس ديگه شُدى/خودت يا خودش…

فرح سلطانی

Not Falling 220 x 180 cm Acrylic on Canvas
Not Falling 250 x 180 cm Acrylic on Canvas
Strawberry 120 x 120 cm Acrylic on Canvas
Turbo 140 x 120 cm Acrylic on Canvas
Bubble 140 x 120 cm Acrylic on Canvas
Black Jack 150 x 120 Acrylic on Canvas
Chic and Minty 150 x 100 cm Acrylic on